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About Me

I am a writer, with a sometimes-strange imagination and whole universes (or at least slices of them) living inside my head. I love science fiction and fantasy, and most of my writing is in the same genre. I also love mysteries, but haven’t written anything (successful) in this genre. I am also interested in historical fiction, especially historical mysteries (as in the Cadfael mysteries), and occasionally read romance when I come across a book that’s more than boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-into-bed-together.

I am also a craftsperson, and have created crafts, like, forever. Apart from the general school crafts everyone does, my real journey into my own style as a crafter started in junior high, when I took a leather-tooling course as an alternative to … I can’t even remember what, but it was obviously something I didn’t want to take. I got hooked. I love leather. I love the smell, the way it feels, the way it accepts your own expressionism. For years, this was the only craft I was into — although I did a lot of writing. I was never into embroidery when I was younger, but I tried cross-stitch while working in Yakima and found another great outlet for my handiwork creativity. I also learned the basics of crochet, but have never really gotten hooked (pun not intended, but … fitting). I added cross-stitch beading to my repertoire, then bead-looming and bead-weaving, and am now into bead-stringing and other forms of jewelry-making. I’ve found I like working with metal and am looking forward to learning more about making it my own. I look forward to combining my various craft skills and creating mixed-media pieces.

Final bit: I share my life with two cats, Rocket and Shadow, whose pictures you will see on my first blog entry. They are my family (I’m a widow, so no other humans live here). I love them dearly, and they are a great comfort to me, as well as a source of entertainment. They are the latest in a line of past four-foots.

So anyway, that’s a summary of my history with writing, crafts, and animals. Anything else you want to know?

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